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  1. As I sit here looking through the photos and workings of this most extrordinary man I feel such a loss in his passing. I so wish I could of met this larger than life man. It seemed there was always a gentle quiet about him, even when he was excited. Tonight I am watching him in “Obsession” and see in my mind’s eye him flying the Pitts in “The PiloT”. Aviation connected me to him when I was at a very young age. Sometime in the mid 1980’s he flew into an airport in his Beechcraft Baron. He didn’t go up to the Shangri La Resort located on Grand Lake of the Cherokee’s in northeastern Oklahoma. Instead he chose to stay at the airport and rest for a while in the airport lounge.
    I was literaly across the lake at my seaplane base. The airport manager was a close friend. By coincidence I talked with the manager on the phone and the conversation came around to the fact tht Cliff Robertson was there earlier and rested for about 5 hours. So close and yet so far.
    The two people that I have always wanted to met was Cliff Robertson and Bob Hoover. I met Bob Hoover but reading the Cliff Hangar articles was a sweet insight to this wonderful man, pilot and human being. Thank you for keeping this website alive with Cliff’s spirit. So looking forward to his autobiography. I guess in a small way……I have been silently and somewhat truly “Obssessed” myself. Keep flying Cliff, among the beautiful white clouds.

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