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Academy Award Winner Cliff Robertson was a talented actor, a skilled and accomplished aviator, and an astoundingly kind man.  He helped so many people.  He gave two time Academy Award Winner William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President’s Men) his start in the film business.

He deserves a tribute to his life and accomplishments, and that’s what I intend to produce.

Director / Producer Brian Gillogly (Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story, in which Cliff appeared) has agreed to direct the film, and my own attorney Jackie Borock has agreed to provide us with counsel throughout the project.

Developing the project will take a substantial amount of time on our parts, so I have initiated an IndieGoGo  to raise $9500 to cover the development costs.

Development activities include: Determination of the best Legal Entity for the project. Creating a basic initial script outline. Decisions regarding which films to cinclude, who to contact from each film, who to contact in aviation, and who to contact regarding Cliff’s humanitarian work, and of course the development of a more detailed, accurate production budget.

Maybe you knew Cliff too, maybe you admired his performances on stage and screen, maybe you shared his enthusiasm for aviation, or appreciated his humanitarian work.

Now you have the opportunity to help us produce a documentary that will honor him, creating a lasting record of his achievements.

Please help us make it happen

Donate at IndieGoGo

Stephen C. Thompson

Download Press Release on the Project

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